BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Whether it’s a holiday, a Tuesday afternoon or a Friday night, we’ve all experienced loneliness on at least one occasion. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, loneliness is an epidemic.

Rachel Iverson, dietitian, shares how food and a nutritious diet go hand in hand to combat loneliness.

Iverson says eating socially is a great way to increase intake, especially for seniors or anyone with memory issues may forget to eat or not eat a lot.

It’s crockpot and football season focus on a protein and produce for get togethers

When we eat alone we tend not to put as much effort into our meal. We may just have a main food like a whole rotisserie chicken in our car rather than having rotisserie chicken, green beans and rice at home to make a balanced meal.

Stress can also decrease hunger cues, and lead us to not eat during the day, and then we tend to binge when we finally can take a second and breathe, so having lunch with your coworkers or meeting a friend for lunch, can make your overall intake, more balanced, and reduce those late night, binge sessions and cravings!