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MINOT – It’s well known that golf is an expensive sport. According to a study by the World Golf Foundation, in 2016, golf had 84.1 billion dollars in economic activity.

At Souris Valley Golf Course, golf is for everyone.

“We definitely need to have more people playing golf. Were focusing on trying to get more ladies playing golf and kids and it is a game of a lifetime.” says Steve Kottsick, the Director of Golf.

Over the past few weeks, Steve Kottsick says they have seen a rise in first time golfers, especially kids, and he thinks its because there are more resources available.

“Well our Junior Golf Association also provides some scholarships for kids around the area.” says Steve.

Two teenagers who have been members of the golf course say it can be an expensive sport, if you make it.

“My dad always just buys one club at a time or every few years you kind of just get your own clubs and with We Links, they provide you with clubs, too, for kids.” say Ian Geller

Spencer Ross added, “There’s a lot of equipment that goes into it, but if you try your hardest and with the stuff we have in Minot, Minot Jr Golf provides a lot of that stuff for you.”

One golfer says over the years, he’s seen the game become available to more people.

“It’s becoming less expensive because its becoming more inclusive, so were seeing a huge drive now. For a long time golf was almost in the red and to get around in the black we realized in the gold community that you have to broaden your spectrum ” says Trevor Jones.

With so many opportunities and a change in culture, Trevor says says he expects golf to be around for many years to come.

“There are a lot of dying things, and golf is definitely not one of them.” says Jones.

The Souris Valley Golf Course has many events going on through the summer including free golf lessons for kids.

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