Golf Talk: Uneven lies


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In this week’s Golf Talk, we deal with a common problem for amateur golfers and that’s how to play an uneven lie.

An uneven lie is when the ball is above or below your feet. Bismarck Golf Professional Cole Baker shows us how it is done. We start with the ball below our feet first.

“Instead of the plane being flat,” Baker said, “the axis of the ball has now changed. So now when we think about that, that ball is going to spin like this moving a little bit to the right or away from us.

“We are not going to be able to swing like we would on an even lie, so we have to worry about setup. What I like to do in my setup is to get a little more knee flexion. Just to help with that balance to get my feet more on my heels versus the balls of my feet. That’ll help me stay down on it and make good clean contact.

“I’m going to setup a little bit more left of the target. I’m going to let the ball ride and fall to the right.

“So now I’m stuck with the ball above my feet. So that axis is going to have a little drawback spin to it. So now I need to be a little bit taller in my setup. I’m still going to take one extra club because I’m not going to go all the way back to parallel. I’m going to keep my swing short, so that way I have good balance throughout it.

“I’m going to setup a little bit right of target and let that ball fall left.”

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