Guest Lodge and Vegas Motel residents receive notice to vacate


Controversy still surrounds The Fairview Lodge and its former tenants. Those tenants are being asked to leave the place they went after the Fairview closed.

In July, residents living in the Fairview Lodge had to leave because the conditions were unlivable and it wasn’t being operated according to regulations.

When those tenants moved out, The Vegas Motel and Guest Lodge came to the rescue, offering everyone a place to live.

Now, they have to be out by September 10th.

“We just didn’t think it would happen. So yeah, it’s unexpected,” said Tato Raguero, Guest Lodge resident.

She’s been living at the Guest Lodge for the last seven months.

“Me and my kids don’t actually have anywhere to go, so this sort of sucks because it’s me and my kids here, so,” Raguero added.

There is a notice on some of the windows telling the residents they can contact the Select Inn for a similar rate.

The Select Inn closed down a few years ago but will be reopening as the Economy Hotel.

I spoke to one woman who has asked to remain anonymous. She has concerns about everyone moving into another hotel.

“I mean if they want to open up this hotel, run it right. Make sure there’s no drugs and all this. Get the right people in here that actually gonna care about their business and care about and pick the people right to come in and live in this hotel,” she said.

I talked to an Economy Hotel representative who told me when they switch hands they want to be able to run as a normal hotel. She went on to say they are going to be renting rooms as a hotel, not as an apartment.

There are a few businesses right next to it, that is causing concern for some, including a daycare.

“When you have kids out here and playing, I don’t want to see kids seeing people dealing drugs, or people walking like they are in la-la-land. I’m concerned about up here on North Hill now,” said the anonymous woman.

For now, people living here have less than a month to find somewhere else to live. And nobody wants to see anyone without a home.

“I’m behind anybody that needs a place to live. I don’t want to see anybody on the streets,” said the woman.

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