Heads Up: Construction may slow down your daily commute


The summer has been full of construction and rearranging, but it’s time to start asking if all the projects will be done in time.

KX spoke with people from the City of Minot, as well as the company overseeing the Flood Protection Project.

Some people in the community are fed up with the constant construction, but others say it doesn’t bother them.

“Its not always perfect, but that’s why we’re trying to manager our traffic routes as best as possible.” says Derek Hackett.

And with so many projects to complete with such a short window of time, it can be a little hectic.

“So we have a project going on around all over the city and a lot of different detour routes. The hardest part for our traffic engineers and even our project engineers, are managing when things can close down and when things cannot. ” he adds.

For most Northern States, the Summer is for construction. Workers have been working around the clock to complete projects in the Magic City and one local says there is only one thing that bothers him.

“On occasion it has been, Strictly because of the dust, but other than that it been good.” says Merle Baisch.

Merle’s front yard maybe a construction site, but he says he already has the routes planned out he needs to take.

He adds, “We’ll just go out the north end here, go around and catch 6th street or whatever street we need to catch.”

Even though construction can be a headache, officials says it will do the city of Minot good, in the long run.

Hackett says, “We appreciate everyone’s patience on this. We know its not ideal for all these traffic impacts.”

Now the 16th Street project is set to be done in four weeks, which may affect some school traffic.

Another, separate part of the Flood Protection project is expected to be completed sometime next year.

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