It’s the season for not only good weather but also fresh fruit.
For this week’s Life Hacks, we’ll have some tips on how to make the most of your fruit.

Tip Number One: Cutting or peeling your fruit

It’s watermelon season and there are a few ways to cut your watermelon.

Cut the watermelon in half and cut 3 slits into each side. Then cut the inside like a grid and then pop that watermelon. You should get the perfect bite-size pieces

There is a simpler process when it comes to cutting watermelon. Try cutting into a grid– this way it will give you the watermelon spears and you won’t have to worry about doing anything extra.

You can also use dental floss to cut out the heart of the watermelon. This was super easy and effective.

Also, when you want to peel your next orange, massage it or roll it around on the table. The skin comes off much easier.

Tip Number Two: Keeping your fruit fresh

One way to keep avocados lasting longer is by squeezing lemon or lime juice on them before you put them in the fridge. It should stay crisp for two more days.

If you constantly have to toss bananas out, try putting aluminum foil around the stem. It will give them a few extra days to ripen.

Tip Number Three: Cleaning your Fruit

We’re always told to wash our fruit before eating it, but sometimes it doesn’t always work.

Try this, get a teaspoon of salt and dump it into a bowl of water to get rid of bacteria on your strawberries. This is not only supposed to clean them, but it will also get rid of any bugs that could be secretly hiding.

Vinegar, baking soda, and a water mixture can also help clean other fruits like grapes, pears, and cherries.

Tip Number Four: Other Fruit Hacks

Next time you freeze some ice cubes stick lemon slices in them. Once frozen, they will not only chill your water but give it a refreshing flavor.

Also like many of us, we waste a lot of the strawberry when we eat them so try getting a straw and poking it through the bottom of the strawberry all the way to the top to remove the stem.

Apples cause other fruit and vegetables to ripen faster–so try and keep them away from other fruits and veggies.