You can find some of the best deals at dollar stores like Dollar Tree, but some of the items available can actually do a lot more than you might think.
In this week’s Life Hacks segment, Aaron Fields shows us how you turn that dollar purchase into something worth more.

  • Tip Number 1: Zip Lock bags

You can get plastic bags from anywhere but I got mine from the Dollar store because the price is always guaranteed. Plus, they have all sizes.

For the big Ziploc bags, not only can you pack a bunch of stuff into them, but they are also great for putting your ice cream cartons in.

By putting your carton in a Ziploc bag, they will help prevent freezer burn and keep your ice cream nice and creamy.

You can also soak a sponge and then stick it an smaller bag and use it a personal lunchbox cooler.

  • Tip Number 2: Metal Wire shelves

The dollar store has a few metal wire shelves available, but I got the ones that are typically used for lockers.

If you are constantly on your laptop and have it on your desk it can easily overheat.

The first thing you can do with the wire shelf is twist the bottom ends upwards and the top ends downwards.

It took me a couple of tries to get it in place– but this will give your computer more ventilation and create circulation for the heat.

You can also use this as a wall shelf. I used this picture hanging kit from the dollar tree as well for this one.

All you have to do is nail two of the wall clip pieces in— I suggest putting it in your closet vs. the kitchen as I did, but once it’s secured, hang the wire shelf in and twist the wire to your liking. These are pretty strong and can hold more than you think.

  • Tip Number 3: Tennis balls

If you wrap these dollar store tennis balls in aluminum foil they will help getting rid of static in your next load of laundry.

Also If you’re not good at whacking stuff with a hammer and need a mallet, you can make your own.

Simply cut an X into the tennis ball and stick the head of the hammer in and you got yourself your own mallet.

  • Tip Number 4: Binder Clips

Closet space can get filled up pretty quickly. I used these binder clips and hooked them together.

I then hooked it onto a hanger and put a shirt on each clip– as you can see it creates a lot more room for clothes.

  • Tip Number 5: Dryer Sheets

Do you wake up with hair like mine–that goes in every direction possible– and brushing doesn’t always help?

These dollar laundry sheets I found–don’t just smell fresh but they help with get rid of static in your hair and help keep it down– making you look like a 10 out of 10.

Next time you’re making a purchase at the Dollar Tree I hope you think twice about what you can do with your purchases.