Lightning Strike Causes Crude Oil Spill


A lightning strike led to a crude oil spill in Bottineau County.

The spill happened about 5 miles northwest of Lansford when a lightning strike caused one of the tanks on site to explode and spray a mist of crude oil onto the well pad.

Authorities estimate less than 300 barrels of oil spilled and most of it was contained on site.

The well is operated by RIM Operating, Inc. and the spill happened Tuesday, July 2nd.

Crude oil release reported in Bottineau County

BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ) has been notified of a crude oil release resulting from a fire on a well pad in Bottineau County. The fire is believed to have started from a lightning strike. The well is operated by RIM Operating, Inc.

The incident occurred approximately 5 miles northwest of Lansford on July 2 and was reported the same day.
A mist of crude oil sprayed off the pad due to one of the tanks exploding. Initial estimates indicate less than 300 barrels of crude oil were released, with the majority contained on the pad.

Personnel from the NDDEQ have inspected the site and will continue to monitor the investigation and remediation.

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