Over the last year, COVID-19 has affected every aspect of life — including air quality.

As things continued to change surrounding the spread of COVID-19, one thing that hasn’t is the ability for it to be transferred in the air.

“When you’re in a small area where there isn’t a lot of air exchange, that increases the risk for transmission of the virus. If you’re in a larger area with a large crowd of people, that increases as well,” explained Kirby Kruger, the North Dakota Department of Health’s Chief of Disease Control and Forensic Pathology Section.

Kruger says circulating air is a huge help in fighting the virus.

“The airflow from the air exchanges with increase outside air coming in you may be able to increase the filtration efficacy. And those are things that help to dilute the amount of the virus that’s in the air,” explained Kruger.

HVAC contractors like H.A. Thompson & Sons says they have seen an increase in business as people are more interested in indoor air quality than ever before.

“Again it’s brought to the forefront and it’s given us a chance to really talk to customers about air filtration and air purification,” explained Larry Hill, the Operations Manager.

Hill says they have installed air purifications in businesses, restaurants, nursing homes and offices.

“Virtually everyone that has been putting the equipment in, number one their main concern is about their employees and then also trying to protect the people that come into their business,” explained Hill.

Hill says the system they use produces ions and peroxide that not only help eliminate germs but also prevent germs.

Hill says they have installed at least 2,000 air purification systems during the last year.