Imagine the excitement of going to the National Curling Competition but then coming back to find out you had the coronavirus.

That’s exactly what happened to a majority of the people in the Capital Curling Club in Bismarck.

Nicole Vorachek says, “10 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams from across the nation that came for this event… a lot of people in close contact in the curling club.”

The National Curling competition was in mid-March right before the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread rapidly. The team traveled to Maryland and it wasn’t until after they got back to North Dakota, that one their team members tested positive.

Vorachek says, “It created a whole little flurry and all of us went in and tried to get tested because we were showing cold like symptoms– so once one of us got tested it all started making us a little more aware.”

The team wanted to make sure they all got tested so they didn’t pass anything along. Unfortunately, most of the team tested positive of the virus. They say one of the symptoms they could all relate on was the loss of taste.

Member Larissa Unruh says, “No I think I was more scared at the possibility of giving it to someone else.”

“I wasn’t too scared. I was just like this really does really spread fast,” says Vorachek.

However, their team came together and created a Facebook page for support.

“We started talking about how we could just eat anything and it tasted like nothing and it was fun and humorous to see how people were trying different things and stuff like that,” says Vorachek.

The people that were tested have now recovered.

Aaron Fields: “So now that you have recovered do they have to retest you or how does that process work?”

Nicole Vorachek: “No they never said anything like that- they said once you recovered– you should be released from the isolation.”

The team has been staying in quarantine and have recovered and say the department of health did an awesome job with helping them throughout the process.

In a more positive news, the team 4th at the national tournament.