Lori Klabunde is gearing up for training on her bicycle for one of the biggest races of all time, the Race Across America.

“This is going to be the biggest test of our endurance and physical abilities that we’ve ever done,” Klabunde said.

Participating in the race will spread awareness and raise money for Gaia Home, which will include building a six townhouse hospice care facility in Bismarck.

‘It will be the first in the state of North Dakota that provides end of life care to families and their loved ones,” Klabunde said.

Klabunde said it does not matter if it is rain, snow, heat or any kind of climate, the race will go on.

“We submit ourselves to anything we might encounter during race week,” Klabunde said.

She spends anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a week getting in a good cycle run.

“It’s the most challenging race I think any of us have participated in or will participate in. We’ve all done a lot of hard things and I never thought I would top anything,” Klabunde said.

If any mishaps happen to the equipment or the team they have backups and a support team standing by.

“We have people there to help us with those. We have people helping us with nutrition, people helping us navigate along the course, people to help us keep our legs healthy,” Klabunde said.

It will cost $12 million to build Gaia Home’s facility, and they hope to reach that goal in 2023. To learn more about how to support the cause click here.