A lot of things were decided this legislative session, including funding for projects around the state.

At the start of the session, we shared a couple of bills that Minot residents should keep an eye on. One of them is the state water commission’s budget. It’s what helps pay for projects like flood protection.

During this session, legislators approved a statewide amount of $75.5 million.

Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma says the project is on track to be completed in 20 years.

But with funding like this, engineers hope it can help toward a goal closer to about 12 years.

“It saves a tremendous amount of money in construction costs — more than $100 million in inflationary construction costs and more than $40 million in what is expected as flood insurance premiums that will go out during that 20 year period. That is really profound,” Sipma said.

Engineers start the design process for phases MI-6 and MI-7 on Monday.