A group of high school students were hard at work this week. They gave up part of their summer break to help one family.

There are only a few weeks of summer vacation remaining for these high school students, but that didn’t stop them from laboring in the heat to help their community.

RJ Theis: It’s getting really hard to try and solicit funds for gear and trips and food and all that.

With that in mind, RJ knew right away that the hockey team would be the perfect group to help his neighbor with their yard problems

RJ Theis: They’d tried a few places and in some instances the couldn’t even get somebody to come and look at it so we just said yea. I asked the boys and they said they would do it.

One player says he wasn’t to fond of the idea when he first heard about the project.

Jacob Theis: Right away I was kind of like ehh, not gonna lie. But then it all kind of came together.

He says not only was this an opportunity for them to help others and bond, but it would also help the team clean up its image.

Jacob Theis: Everyone’s fighting a little bit, its fun. Builds chemistry. Also helps give the Minot High boys team good rep in the community. Gives out a good name.

Another player says he has learned things that he will carry with him for life.

Ashton Hillman: It’s hard. You know you just got to keep your head down and work. And not only just giving back but like if some people do this as a job, that’s back breaking work. You got to give respect to that.

And respect is one thing that homeowner Nicole Zieska says she has for these group of students

Nicole Zieska: This group of boys is just great. Very hard working, very dedicated to their team and their teammates, They are willing to do what ever you ask of them at any time.

One parent tells me they are already getting calls for other fundraising opportunities in the area, and they’re ready to help.