The Minot Police Department has a new officer.

Meet Caspian. He’s two years old, from Hungary and just joined the force earlier this month.

He’s an explosive detection dog and is trained in 15 different categories of explosives. Tracking people, locating objects and searching buildings are some of the other things he does.

This is the first explosive detection dog for a local government in North Dakota.

“It’s something that provides the community with an extra level of security,” said Taylor Jensen, senior patrol officer.

“We can go into any kind of large crowd gathering. You see a lot of domestic terrorism targeting concerts or any kind of large crowds, so having him, he’s another tool that can just give us that extra level,” Jensen added.

The department received a grant that paid for Caspian and all of his training. There are two other K-9 officers, Mace and Lois.