Missouri River In Bismarck To Stop Rising Soon


Bismarck – The Missouri River continues to rise…but the end of the water rises might be nearing an end.

KX News spoke with the National Weather Service and they tell us the dam is now releasing water at 46,000 Cubic Feet per Second or around 345,000 gallons of water per second.

And all that water will make its way down to Bismarck.

The other thing to note is the Missouri is currently at 10 and a quarter feet, they expect another rise of the river to about a foot to a foot and a half before stabilizing.

Once it does, the weather service tells KX News the water will remain high for quite some time.

“We’re not going to see that water until probably tomorrow evening, certainly no later than early Wednesday, we’ll see that net effect here in the Bismarck area, so once we get to that point, I fully expect we’re going to see 46-thousand CFS coming out of the Garrison Dam through the month of July”, said Allen Schlag with the National Weather Service.

The other thing the weather service mentioned is the Missouri is currently racing along at around four and a half miles per hour, and with the hottest weather is the season on the way by the weekend, swimming without proper gear in the river is not recommended as a safety precaution.

The good news is the water should very slowly start to go down in WIllison, where they’ve been dealing with minor flooding for weeks now.

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