A local motorcycle club wants to make sure that no kid goes hungry.

Its members are working to collect enough money to pay off all lunch debts for students at area schools.

The Ice Cold Ryders Motorcycle Club has been holding community benefit events for as long as it’s had a chapter in Minot, nine years.

This month, the club will be hosting it’s first annual Food for Thought fundraiser.

Similar to last year, the group is collecting donations to send over to as many schools as possible. The goal is every Minot Public School, but if it’s anything like last year, they’ll be able to get to other schools like Nedrose and South Prairie, too.

Carisa Reinholdt, who is helping the club plan its upcoming Food for Thought event, says this is a great way for the community as a whole to give back.

“I want to raise children who lookout for the best interest of others,” she said. “And the best way to do that is by example and if that means making sure that your peers have their needs met and your friends’ children or your neighbors’ children have their needs met, it’s better overall for our community.”

New this year is the gala happening on Saturday, September 21 at 6 pm at the 1st and 1st St SE Event Center downtown.

The Ice Cold Ryders are selling corporate sponsorships, and guest tickets are $30.

Click here for tickets or visit Nickel and Dodge or SOS Image in Minot.

The night will include music, food, a silent auction, and student art show, all to be able to pay for students to eat hot lunch at school.

“We’re not a bunch of hoodlums like some say,” Brad Wobbema, the MC’s event coordinator said. “We’re here to better our community. We’re a band of brothers from all over who come together for one thing, is to make the community we live in a better place for everyone.”

Last year, the club was able to give 10,500 dollars to schools to pay off hot lunch debts through the winter.

Lunch is $2.50 at Minot Public elementary schools and $2.75 for middle and high school.

If a student buys lunch every day, that’s nearly 500 dollars for a single school year.