Digest author Daniel O’Keefe created a new holiday tradition of Airing Family Grievances that was first celebrated in 1966.

Today we celebrate this Festivus for the rest of us, largely due to the popularity of a Seinfeld episode that was written by O’Keefe’s son. The TV version takes family tension to comedy extremes. Characters roast each other at the dinner table and wrestle around an aluminum pole to display their feats of strength.

What makes this bit of pop culture so delicious is that its all too familiar. No matter how you celebrate the holidays you’re sure to reach the point of screeching SERENITY NOW!

Ironically Festivus is celebrated on December 23rd in honor of Daniel O’Keefe’s first date with his future wife, which is a kismet miracle in itself.

Today we also celebrate: National Roots Day, National Re-Gifting Day, and National Pfeffernusse Day.