When animal crackers were first made by the Stauffer Biscuit Company in 1871, they came in barrels and had very little detail. The fun shapes caught on in America, however, and were reimagined by the Nabisco Company in 1902.

The red box with a string handle became known as Barnum’s Animals, after the iconic circus showman. Originally, the box was made as a Christmas ornament and to this day they are made with a handle for hanging. Barnum’s Animals remain a fan favorite and perhaps that’s because the more than 37 different animals are stamped with impressive detail.

Only one of these stands out from the rest, as the only animal that’s depicted wearing pants. Who knows why the monkey is special, but on National Animal Crackers Day we celebrate this sweet box of nostalgia that still has a place in our hearts.

Today we also celebrate: National Columnists’ Day and National Lineman Appreciation Day.