Not many foods can be both light and rich at the same time, but baklava holds that distinction. It is made from sheets of phyllo dough layered with honey, sugar, cinnamon, nuts, and lots of butter. If you normally count calories, take this day off, because it’s also National Butter Day!

Baklava got its start back in the Assyrian Empire around the 8th Century BCE when it was made with unleavened bread instead of phyllo. The version we know was invented during the Ottoman Empire and made its way to Greece. Though we most often think of baklava as being Greek, this rich dessert has become popular around the world.

On National Baklava Day, celebrate by giving this old-world favorite a whirl.

Today we also celebrate: National Homemade Bread Day, World Pancreatic Cancer Day, National Take a Hike Day, National Rural Health Day, and the Great American Smokeout.