They say it takes at least 66 days to form a new habit, and if you are already breaking your new years resolutions, have no fear. You may just need a better goal.

January is National Hobby Month and if you’ve never thought of hobbies as part of your selfcare routine why not start today? This is your chance to explore what brings you a little bit of joy each day. And consider this, indulging in something you love to do isn’t just good for you, its good for those around you too. With this in mind, its time to try something new.

Whether its painting, photography, exercising or crafting, making fun activities part of your daily routine will boost your mood and your overall well being. And that’s a goal you’re bound to keep.

Today we also celebrate: National Shop for Travel Day, National Arkansas Day, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, National Milk Day, and National Step in a Puddle and Splash with Your Friends Day.