Some mysteries may never be solved. Who built Stonehenge? What goes on in Area 51? And perhaps the greatest of them all, why do so many socks disappear from the dryer?

It’s completely frustrating! You do a load of laundry with all your perfectly good pairs of socks. Maybe they are plain and white, or perhaps they have a picture of your dog on them. It doesnt matter. The great dryer mystery does not discriminate. It will consume any and all socks, but only one from each pair.

We are gathered today to remember these lost items on National Lost Sock Memorial Day. We celebrate the joy they once gave us, and hope that our favorite Argyle friend will find its match in sock heaven.

Today we also celebrate: National Alphabet Magnet Day, National Home Front Heroes Day, National Women’s Checkup Day, National Butterscotch Brownie Day, National Moscato Day, National Sleepover Day.