NATIONAL DAY CALENDAR: National Megalodon Day


Welcome to June 15th on the National Day Calendar.

On National Smile Power Day it seems only fitting to celebrate a creature whose pearly whites reigned the oceans for more than 20 million years: The prehistoric shark also known as Megalodon.

Each of its 276 serrated teeth measured nearly seven inches and its 11 foot wide smile was probably due to its being at the top of the food chain.

It is supposed that this 60 foot creature went into decline at the dawn of the Ice Age, when food became scarce. Megalodon also had to compete with smaller, faster sharks such as the modern day Great White.

On National Megalodon Day, check out fossil and dinosaur museums near you, and be glad you can view those pearly whites from a safe distance.

Today we also celebrate Nature Photography Day.

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