For as long as we have been watching birds fly, humankind has wanted to join them.

The Wright Brothers achieved this in 1903 with a combustion engine plane, but it turns out that a human-powered aircraft was much tougher to build. To create some incentive, the Royal Aeronautical Society announced the Kremer Competition in 1959 with a prize of 50,000 pounds. But the strict figure 8 course was tough to navigate and the prize was not awarded until August 23rd, 1977.

That’s when Paul MacCready’s Gossamer Condor 2 beat the Japanese Stork and a year’s worth of work paid off big! On National Ride the Wind Day visit the Smithsonian where the Gossamer Condor 2 is displayed next to the Wright Brothers Plane and the Apollo 11 moon capsule.

Today we also celebrate National Sponge Cake Day and National Cuban Sandwich Day.