All good campfires are fueled by storytelling. Those lingering moments, when one more log on the fire lets you stay up late and smores make use of the glowing embers. The next time you’re camping and spinning a yarn, consider the origin story of the smore.

Most believe that it was Alec Barnum that first created the treat in the late 1800s. Not much is known, however, about the entrepreneur that left a sticky trail of myths and legends. Enter Loretta Scott Crew. Not only did she teach hungry girl scouts how to perfectly toast a marshmallow, her recipe for smores was printed in the 1927 guidebook. Today Trampling and Trailing With The Girl Scouts is best known for this treat, though everyone has their own secret for making the gooey, crispy delight.

On National Smores Day celebrate the dessert that inspires us to throw one more log on the fire.

Today we also celebrate: National Lazy Day, Agent Orange Awareness Day, National Shapewear Day, and National Connecticut Day.