Even before Theodore Roosevelt became President, he was an avid outdoorsman and hunter. But during his term, he became known for his compassionate side as well. On a hunting trip in 1902, Roosevelt’s companions lassoed a black bear and gave him an opportunity to take a shot. But the President refused to kill the defenseless animal and reportedly said, “I couldn’t be proud of myself if I shot an old, tired, worn out bear that was tied to a tree.”

News of this incident spread across the country and people admired his choice. In Brooklyn, New York a toymaker was inspired to create a stuffed animal that was dubbed Teddy’s Bear. That bear became wildly popular and was soon in high demand.

On National Teddy Bear Day, we celebrate this loveable toy and the softer side of the President who inspired it.

Today we also celebrate Care Bear Share Your Care Day and National Weiner Schnitzel Day