The art of storytelling has been around since the dawn of time.

Before we had writing, history was passed on through stories. These days you can find almost any tale online, but there is a particular joy in hearing one told firsthand. Luckily, the real McCoy still walks the streets of Kingman, AZ in storyteller Jim Hinckley.

While he has made an international name for himself with 18 books, lectures, and a recorded walking tour, Jim is happy to guide you through his Arizona residence and beyond. His tagline is, “Telling people where to go since 1992.” The good-natured soul in a cowboy hat is equally comfortable at home and abroad and you can sense that he’s brimming with living history.

This rare talent might even be found in your own backyard, but here at the Gateway to Route 66, Jim is up for an adventure and happy to take you with him. On National Tell A Story Day, celebrate the art of spinning a yarn with someone who knows it best.

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