When you’re craving an outdoor adventure, you want to pack light. Trail mix is the perfect snack that fuels you up without weighing you down.

This convenient snack has been used for thousands of years with a variety of ingredients. Native Americans added dried buffalo to the fruit and nut mixture. Trail guide Horace Kephart was the first to add chocolate to the mix in 1910. In Australia and New Zealand, they call trail mix scroggin and add orange peel and grains to the mixture. The term GORP stands for good ole raisins and peanuts, which was the early recipe made up by two surfer dudes.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, celebrate National Trail Mix Day with any combination that keeps you going for the long haul.

Today we also celebrate: National Diatomaceous Earth Day, National Eat Outside Day, National South Carolina Day, and National Matchmaker Day.