The first recipes for whipped cream date back to 1549 when they were already calling it snow milk.

These early chefs were likely whipped after an hour of beating the cream with a willow branch. This technique lasted for the next few centuries, until a clothing salesman from St. Louis changed all of that.

During WWII when cream was rationed, Aaron Bunny Lapin began pedaling StaWhip, a substitute made of light cream and vegetable oil. Then in 1946 Crown Cork and Seal Company made the first seamless aerosol canister and with it, Lapin put StaWhip on the map. With a shiny, red lithographed can, a new product name and an army of milkmen to deliver it, Reddiwip made Lapin a fortune in only a few short years.

On National Whipped Cream Day pile on a little extra and sing happy birthday to Bunny Lapin, if you’re so inclined.

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