ND Police Department gives out FREE bike helmets after community donation

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Does your child ride their bike to school? Research says it can help your child concentrate better, but it’s also important to make sure they’re riding safely.

According to the Safe Kids Worldwide you should

  • Always wear a helmet and make sure it’s the right fit
  • Proper equipment and maintenance are important, so don’t get a bike that your child will need to grow into.
  • Keep an eye out
  • Always use lights and reflectors when riding at night

I spoke with the Mandan Police Department that say bike accidents aren’t a huge deal here, but they do happen. And they are trying to make the public more aware to stay safe on your bike with school coming up.

Mandan Police Department PIO Lt. Lori Flaten says, “Schools are good about talking about it with them. We have our SRO’s do some safety talks. They have been getting out into the media too and doing things like back to school safety–whether you are walking or riding your bike. And just reminding people again because with the summer off sometimes their not thinking about it right away when school starts

Flaten says she stresses the most to parents and kids to just PAY ATTENTION because that’s the most common thing people don’t do before getting in a bike accident.

Helmets aren’t cheap. KX News searched on Amazon and they ranged anywhere from $20 to over $250. The Mandan Police Department has been giving out free ice cream vouchers to kids who wore their bicycle helmets to promote safety.

But what about the kids who can’t afford them?

That’s the exact same question The Medicine Shoppe in Mandan asked themselves, so the store started donating helmets to the Mandan Police Department.

The police department then gives out free helmets to any kid that might need one in the community. They tell KX there are more kids without helmets than you may think in our community.

Lt. Lori Flaten says, “We have them in the cars so if officers see kids that don’t have helmets and talk to them about it and see if they need a helmet. We have had families come into the law enforcement center asking about the helmets, so we have gotten quite a few of them out into the community already so it is great.”

The Medicine Shoppe’s generosity has even led to more helmet donations from companies like Sanford and MetLife. MPD just received two big boxes of donations and say anyone can donate to the cause.

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