It started with 2 acres, and a wish for fresher food. Now, two vegetable farmers are watching their business grow because the push for local products is booming.

Hannah and Jonathon Moser are the owners of Forager Farm in Streeter. Six months living in Australia learning to farm is what created their passion for produce. They started with 2 acres, growing for their own needs, but started expanding when they saw the need here.

The couple said there’s something undeniable about building their dreams in the place where they grew up.

“We want to provide our family with the healthiest food we can possibly get.. And that being so, we, you know manage our operation the same way we would our own family,” said Jonathan Moser/Owner at Forager Farm.

The move from gardening—to farming and serving the Bismarck-Mandan community started when a Bismarck chef contacted them to purchase wholesale produce for his restaurant. It grew from there. Now they provide produce for several restaurants as well as the Food Co-op and BisMarket and their typical season is nearly year-round.

From seedlings to microgreens, potatoes, melons and more, it’s a process that’s needing more land than the 2-3 acres they’ve been working with on their Streeter farm. So the entire operation is moving to Mandan to better serve everyone’s needs…including the families.

“So we are at the new, or soon to be, Forager Farm in Mandan, south of Mandan. Well we are in the process of moving and it’s been a ton of fun to work on it and make it our own space,” said Hannah Moser/Owner of Forager Farm.

Forager Farm also does community-supported agriculture, creating 70 CSA baskets. They say despite the new farm, it will still have old roots.

The new CSA season will open in 2020. For more information head to their website here.