North Dakota man retiring after working more than half a century


Imagine working the same job for more than a half century. Well one man has, and now he’s calling it quits.

Go to work, check your email, and then do paperwork. That’s a normal day for Gary Kramlich. But he hasn’t always done things this way.

“I had 10 listings that I would go out to individual properties. We advertised those with a postcards.” says Gary Gramlich.

For 56 years Gary has been in the real estate business, I was curious to know how things have changed over time.

“I have to get my iPhone out to answer that because frankly the iPhone today and the computer tell us where were going and what we’re going to do.” Gary adds.

Having raised 8 children in Minot, he shares that one thing that has kept him going over the years.

“My happiest moment is when i can see a young couple closing on their first house as a first time buyer and the tears come down their eye and say I am so happy.” says Gary.

But Gary hasn’t only touched the lives of his clients. Outside of the office, he’s involved in a number of organizations like KIWANIS.

“Community means a lot to Gary. For him, community and business are intertwined and he’s always been braided into both. So he makes sure he gets involved.” says Carla Dolan.

Gary says he’s enjoyed working these past years,but he has a huge bucket list that he has to get started on.

“I want to go back to Moldova, Odessa Russia. One of my friends who was an ambassador to Russia and Germany was going to join me.” he adds

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