North Dakota woman nominated for Nexstar Woman of the Year Award


In December, KX News took nominations for Remarkable Women contest from across our viewing area.

Our goal is to highlight the incredible work done by women at their jobs, in their homes, and in our communities.

We’ve highlighted stories of four semi-finalists over the last month including Macy Christensen, Thea Jorgensen, Michelle Bliven, and Julie Schirado.

The winner gets an all-expense-paid trip to New York and is a finalist for the national Nexstar Remarkable Women award.

KX News General Manager Tammy Blumhagen announced on Friday morning, “We want to congratulate Thea Jorgensen for being the 2020 winner of our local Remarkable Women contest.”

KX News Director Tia Streeter says KX News received more than 50 nominations through our local communities.

Our winner, Thea Jorgensen, does it all, from being a soldier in the National Guard—to being a full-time dispatcher, to owning her own business, and much more.

Thea will be leaving for New York in just a couple of weeks.

After receiving the news, Thea said “I just want to say thank you guys so much for this amazing opportunity to New York City with women from all over the country. It was an honor to be nominated alongside Julie and Macy, and Mrs. Bliven and just knowing the impact they’ve made in their community and our state each and every day. So I’m extremely grateful, extremely honored and super excited to go to New York. Thank you guys again. Like I said, I’m super grateful for this opportunity”

In case you missed the story about what makes Thea Jorgensen so Remarkable we thought we’d show you again.

She is the definition of a remarkable woman.

Thea Jorgensen is a soldier in the Army National Guard — a public affairs specialist.
She’s a full time 911 dispatcher for state radio. I started my own business here, which is a fitness studio, says Thea Jorgensen, a finalist in Nexstar’s Remarkable Woman Contest.
But all this work is just the first leg in a marathon.

She’s been with team red white and blue which is a national non-profit for 5 years.
She’s also the vice-chair for the state suicide prevention coalition.
She’s actively involved as a board member for the 31:8 project which is a human trafficking non-profit agency.
She’s a board member for Welcome House.
She’s an ambassador for Veterans Outdoors Adventures of North Dakota. She was the director last year, and she’ll be co-director for BIO girls.
That’s just her more recent resume.

But that’s not all. She also presents and advocates for AFSP, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

That work has brought her to Washington DC, to work with lawmakers fighting for change and awareness.

“People talk a lot about work-life balance, and I’m not a big believer in work-life balance, I just believe in being fulfilled,” says Thea.

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