Oldest geocache in ND celebrates 20 years of activity


Now that Spring is here you may want to get outside and enjoy it. Geocaching is one way to do that. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. You never know where the trail will take you.

Geocaching is a fun activity that combines technology with the outdoors. It’s something the whole family can enjoy.

Amy Zachmeier, the West Region Rep North Dakota Geocache Association says, “A lot of people say it’s a high tech treasure hunt where you find Tupperware in the woods. Basically, you use any type of GPSR, which is anything that can receive GPS coordinates. Then you can go out and find, they call it a cache.”

Some search all over the U.S. like Amy and her mom Phyllis. Amy started her geocache adventure in 2015 and Phyllis started about four years ago.

Phyllis says, “I really love it. It gets me out to exercise. It’s got me out to see exciting and new places and my daughter and I have been probably to, because of geocaching, probably 10-12 different states we’ve gone to.”

Geocaching has been around for years and the oldest active geocache in North Dakota is in the Bismarck area.

Jay Toepke, President of NDGCA says, “20 years ago on the 25th of March, a geocache was placed at this location in this area, and we are gonna do a 20-year celebration of that geocache being active for that many years.”

Some geocaches are small or hidden, while others can be large and easy to spot.

Jay adds, “People leave path tags. They leave all kinds of things. I like to hide things or put things in it for the kids. I love it when the kids find things.”

But he says, it’s not about the trinkets, it’s about the adventure.

The 20 year celebration will be held on March 27 at 1:00 p.m. at Buckstop Junction in Bismarck which is located at 3805 East Bismarck Expressway.

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