Plant Talk


Flowers are blooming and plants are growing.
But what about a little maintenance.
In this week’s Plant Talk we explore when best to prune your plants.

KEVIN: One of the keys to making your yard look great is proper pruning and when to do it. Today we’re standing by a French Blue Scotch Pine, and as soon as these candles right here start to open, that’s the time you want to make sure we’re shearing.
So I’m using a real high-quality sharp shears. You can also use a scissors. But I’m taking off two-thirds of that candle. The new bud will set up and be ready for next year.
A couple of the other evergreens like Mugo Pine, you can do the same thing. As well as the Arbor Vitae a great time of year to start shearing them.
If you’re familiar with the Bridal Wreath Spireas, they also just finished blooming. This is the time to prune them as they need a full year to set flower bud for next year.
Most of the lilacs in the Bismarck area have also finished up. If you want to keep a shape to the plant, now is the time to do it. New growth will come out after you prune it, and set flower bud for next year.
So an added benefit it smells like Christmas when you prune back these pines. These are very unique but you do have to keep up with them to make sure you maintain that ball. We appreciate you watching Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next week.

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