If you’re a plant lover and you love the outdoors, Spring is one of the greatest times for us, but Fall’s a close second. Let’s take a look at some of those Fall colors.

By this time of the year our annual planters can start looking a little wore out, with the petunias, verbena, geraniums, they’re spent. So we move into some Fall colors. Take a look.

We’ve got a Japanese grass. Beautiful, yellow color. The fall chrysanthemum is one of the favorites. We’ve also incorporated some of the succulents that we’ve talked about in some of the other Plant Talks. Back here we’ve got a switchgrass. That may or may not have been in that annual planter. We could’ve just cleared some of them out and started adding.

The croton. Something we can grow as a houseplant, but works great in containers in the Fall. And right here we’ve got lantana. A beautiful Summer annual that also works great into the Fall.

If you’re looking for a little bit more simplicity in front of the house, look at these gigantic mums. You could showcase them all on their own.

Some other great options for you to decorate up the porch are straw bales, kale and cabbage also offer a really cool interest. And pumpkins. Don’t forget pumpkins. Pretty soon we’ll have our pumpkin crop coming in and we’ll definitely be in the middle of Fall. Thanks for watching Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.