With just days away from the possibility of a boat load of wintery weather–
You’re going to want to make sure your trees and shrubs are all ready for this freeze. Here is this week’s Plant Talk.

One of things I always recommend you do in Fall before we get into Winter is to put on tree guards. You want to protect this young bark from the vols, rabbits, and moles that can do girdling. They’ll kill a tree if they girdle it all the way around in the Spring.

It’s okay to have a loose fit. This one might be a little loose, you can also use just a little bit of tape to tighten it up. These white guards will also protect it from the sun reflecting off the snow and heating up that bark which can cause frost cracks.

If you’re not worried about rodents doing girdling, tree wrap is another option. This will help protect from that sun scald, and the trunk will be more evenly moderated, the temperature that is.

We’re also getting right into the time now where we can start cutting back our herbaceous perennials. Herbaceous perennials are the ones that will die back from the tops. But the root system is what over winters and it’ll come back fresh in the Spring.

I usually wait to cut back my ornamental grasses ’til Spring, for two reasons. I like to enjoy the tassels in the Winter, and I think they over-winter better by leaving the tops on. Thanks for watching Plant Talk, we’ll see you again next time.

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