The month of August is here and from the looks of it, warmer temperatures are on the rise. Those without a home are going to seek a place to stay cool and a roof over their heads.

“We actually do see the biggest spikes during the summertime. I think people come to the Bismarck area to look for jobs, for employment and they also have more resources,” Missouri slope Area United Way executive director Jena Gullo said.

Those who are homeless usually hold signs asking for help, hoping to collect money that could contribute towards securing resources.

“People need things like their driver’s license or social security card or their birth certificate to get a job,” Gullo said.

Gullo said monetary donations help with providing bus passes and more, but it is better to donate directly to a nonprofit rather than handing money to the individual.

“They’re walking everywhere they have to go; whether they’re on the job hunt or going to housing appointments or appointments for their medical needs. It’s very difficult for our folks during the daytime; where do they go? They can get a meal here and there,” Gullo said.

So how else can you help them? Try to learn about the resources in your community. There are a lot of programs in our state that go a long way to help those in need.

“It’s really important that if you see someone with a sign asking for money or food to please direct them to the resources that are available in town,” Gullo said.

For more information on nonprofits that help provide resources to the homeless: click any of these links United Way, Soup Cafe, Salvation Army.