RV-ers are rolling in style at the FMCA convention in Minot


No matter how much money you spend on an RV, from mere thousands up to millions, an RV takes camping to a new level.

NAT SOUND “Welcome to my home.”

For some people, an RV means more than a vacation.

“I am a full-time RV-er. I live in my coach and I travel the country. It is heaven. I have no neighbors that bother me because if they do, I just get up and move someplace else,” said Carol Preimesberger, RV owner.

Most RVs have just enough to camp comfortably– with a bed, couch, and a kitchen.

But we wanted to see how the other half—really lives. This is a $2.2 million RV that has everything you could think of. It’s the most expensive here at the convention, and to say this is a luxury is an understatement.

Heated floors, 1.5 bathrooms, a king-sized bed that elevates and even a dishwasher.

NAT SOUND “This is where the guy gets to keep his clothes. These are the closets for mama.”

But, no matter the sticker price, RVers say it’s about the lifestyle.

“Traveling with this, you’re not being transported. You get in an airplane, you’re being transported from point A to point B and you’re living in a hotel. Some people like that. A lot of people like this,” said Brad Nerhus, Emerald Luxury Coaches.

“Because you’re traveling. You’re seeing the small towns, you’re seeing what’s going on in America,” Nerhus added.

“When I fly, I can’t see the world. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. As you’re going down the road, you see a sign that says ‘jello museum.’ ‘Gee, I’ve never been to a jello museum!’ You just take off the road and you go to the jello museum. It’s wonderful,” said Preimesberger.

We asked Carol what her favorite part about life on the road is. And, this may surprise you, she says the RV takes a fraction of the time to clean, that her house did.

NAT SOUND There’s nothing in my home I’m missing, that you don’t have in yours. Absolutely love it. Absolutely love it.”

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