Saul’s speakeasy haunted by friendly, former shop owner


A speakeasy in the heart of downtown Minot is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former shop owner.

It was recently recognized on Food Network’s blog for being the most haunted restaurant in North Dakota.

It’s underground, there are no windows, and you can’t see it from the street, just like the speakeasies during prohibition.
It’s been open for just over a year, but one of its regulars has been there a lot longer than that …

“The rumor goes that he still hangs out with us at night.”
Jon Lakoduk is the owner and manager of Sauls, a speakeasy that requires a password to get in.

One guest that doesn’t need a password, is Saul Shark himself, the bar’s inspiration and apparently, the friendly ghost.

“Saul’s has become this very classy place because Shark’s men’s store, which used to be owned and operated on the main floor of the building, was where the high society in Minot went when they needed menswear,” Lakoduk said. “So all the lawyers and doctors and bankers.”

He said there’s something that still keeps Saul around.
“When you’re down here alone at night, you can definitely tell that you’re not the only one down here. Chairs will move randomly, kegs will knock together when there’s nobody near them. You just get that feeling of something brushing past you, it gets a little cold, there’s cold spots every once in a while.”

Perhaps its the fact that there’s a drink left out for him every night of the weekend, which is said to have some missing the next morning …

“Every night we leave a little beer or a little wine out on the bar for Saul, just as a sign of respect that we’re occupying the same space and to keep him happy because we figure that’s what he wants.”

… or perhaps it’s because some of his stuff is still upstairs at Rick’s jewelry, where Shark’s Menswear used to be.
Maybe he’s looking for his old adding machine or a letter from his file cabinet.

“We’ve had noises that were unexplained, we’ve had things put in a location where we didn’t put them before,” owner of Rick’s Jewelry, Tracy Belzer said.

So, Saul provides the tricks,
“You can tell he’s down here.”
and the bar in his namesake provides the treats.

The password to get into Saul’s is the answer to a riddle that changes every so often.
All you have to do is send a text to 701-401-2105, find Saul’s in downtown Minot and give the answer at the door.

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