About 16 hundred Minot Public School staff work every day to make the school day flow as best they can.

Among those staff are custodians – who do more a lot more than just clean up.

Becky Farr introduces us to one custodian who’s going above and beyond.

Bruce Schonberger, Minot Public School custodian says, “I like being around the kids.”

And Bruce Schonberger is around a lot of kids.
Schonberger explains, “I try to stay in the background, I do my job and just go with the flow.”

Sometimes going with the flow in a school of more than 1,000 students isn’t the easiest task.

His day starts long before the students get there at about five a.m. … and yes, he cleans, sweeps, and scrubs.

Custodians are also responsible for snow removal in the winter.
But Schonberger is also another set of eyes in the hallway …

Schonberger, “Morning!”

He makes sure students are safe and that they do in fact make their way to class.

And sometimes, he sees more than just a bunch of kids passing through the halls.

Schonberger says, “You get to watch them grow, mature. Kids that are kind of shy, you see them come out of their shell. It makes you feel good when you see them advancing in life and going on.”

Whether it’s washing windows or keeping a watchful eye, it’s a job he loves.

Lynn Nord, head custodian says “He’s always there and willing to help out anybody and everybody when called upon.”

Bruce started as a custodian about 10 years ago at Lewis and Clark Elementary School and said the best part of the job has been the move to the high school to see the kids he once knew in elementary grow up to be young adults.