Small businesses have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic, making Small Business Saturday in 2020 more important than ever this year.

Plenty of shops and restaurants are facing challenges But the “Shop Small” movement continues and despite these hardships, the businesses are still carrying that festive spirit, giving the community safe ways to shop.

The Bismarck Downtowners Association is taking a new approach to shopping. They created an app for the occasion.

Downtowners, Kate Herzog says, “So that folks can make favorites lists, they can find the deals on the app, they can also call or visit the websites, of the businesses that are participating.”

So far, 23 businesses are listed. When you click the link for the Small Business Saturday App link
located at you will be able to find all the specials from your favorite stores in one location. Just go online on your phone or a web browser and shop all the deals and specials.

Tina Wetzel, who is the co-owner of Unbranded, says “That was a really amazing thing the downtowners put together I think right now, how things are. I think people do want to get in and get out and so a great way is to be able to plot your shopping experience this Saturday.”

And there are other shopping options too. Co-owner of Stella’s D’Arcy Malsam says, “If somebody wants to set up a shopping hour where we’re not normally open. We’re allowing them to come on in and do a private shop.”

Most shops don’t have a maximum capacity limit since they don’t expect high traffic like last year, but there are masks and hand sanitizer available.

D’Arcy says, “I hope it doesn’t scare too many people away to not come in at all. I hope that people will still do that. Us small businesses need that. It’s the one boost right before the end of the season for us.”

Kate says, “This is the time of the year where small businesses need to make their bones. The holidays are big for restaurants, and retail, and service. And hopefully, we can find a way for everybody to come shop local because these are the flavors of the community these local businesses.”

A flavor that will keep our downtown unique, vibrant, and local.

The app is available for free for all Android and Apple users and is available on your desktop too.