Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood and Westhope have been a co-op softball team the past two years, forming the Renville County Mavericks and two players have formed a close, unbreakable bond.

Senior Ellie Braaten and Junior Ginger Savelkoul are two notable names when it comes to athletics in western North Dakota.

Over the past couple of seasons this tandem has become class b softballs dynamic duo.

“Yeah it’s awesome. I love Ellie, we have a really good connection on and off the field, she’s one of my best friends, so it’s really fun to be able to have that opportunity to play with her and make a name for ourselves,” said Savelkoul.

“We spend time together at practice and even out of practice, It’s not just we’re teammates, it is what it is. We spend time building that connection and everything which definitely boost like the way we play together and our energy on the field and I love her, she’s an amazing person, amazing softball player and I couldn’t ask for a better teammate,” said Braaten.

Both athletes competitive by nature, they push each other to better themselves each and every day and even when one falls, the other is right their to pick them up.

“She holds me accountable and I hold her accountable because when she’s pushing me to be my best, like I also have to push her to be her best and she really picks me up when I’m not having the best day, she’s there for me and is like I have your back and she’s literally right behind me on the field so that’s very helpful to have,” stated Savelkoul.

From the road trips to sharing a spot in the circle these two girls have formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

“Last year at midseason we stayed in a little bit if a sketchy hotel, it’s interesting because she was one of my roommates and we were not happy with coach, so we had a good bonding experience over that,” stated Savelkoul.

“There’s so many I couldn’t even pick one specific one because we just have fun all the time and like when we were roommates in that sketchy hotel. we always had fun, it’s never a dull moment, it never is really,” said Braaten.