Close to 300,000 people come to the fair over the course of nine days. It’s amazing how much gets left behind of fair-goers.

There are Cell phones, drivers licenses, credit cards, ribbons and sunglasses. There is also the occasional missing shoe.

When someone calls the lost and found looking for an item, the people working get their information and a description of the lost item.

But what happens when the fair is over? Where do these items go?

“We have them in a box, we do. We’ve got them in a box and they just kind of stay in that box because you never know when people will come back and say, ‘hey, what about whatever?’ so yeah, we just keep them in the box,” said Stephanie Schoenrock, NDSF director of development & communications.

There are four places to check if you have lost something. All Seasons Arena, sheriff’s station, grandstand and information center.