STD Rates Climb in North Dakota


STD rates are on the rise in North Dakota, especially Gonorrhea…which is why health professionals want you to be aware.

Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV are some of the STDs monitored by the health department.

Gonorrhea is increasing at the highest rate by 42 percent from the year before.

Last year there were 1300 cases of Gonorrhea.

The health department saw a 66 percent increase in the age group between 30 to 44.

There is no time or year when STDs are more prevelant than others.

Most sexually active people should be screened at least once a year, if not every three to six months.

Sarah Weninger, an STD prevention coordinator with the Dept. of Health said, “Almost one in two people will have an STD, at some point in their lifetime, if you are sexually active. The reason you are worried about safe sex and prevention is that some STDs have very severe consequences. Some can lead to infertility, some can cause infant stillborn and infant death.”

The department launched the know your risk website in April and since then they have seen almost 800 people take the survey. It’s good for people to know if they are at risk and to stir up those conversations.

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