Still time to give & go ‘Over the Edge’


Give a hand up, not a handout. That’s the motto of the YWCA women’s and children’s shelter in Minot and you can be a part of giving that helping hand.

Fifty people are signed up to rappel down the Parker Suites building on Saturday, August 17, all to raise money for the YWCA, but a lot of rapellers still need to reach their thousand-dollar goal to be able to do it – so they and the YWCA are relying on more donations to make it all happen.

The Over the Edge campaign has raised about a third of its 75,000 dollar goal so far, and every bit helps.

The shelter is able to house 27 women and children at a time, but they do a lot more than shelter.

For example, a thousand dollars raised by one person for this fundraiser would go towards things like paying for childcare, a housing deposit or buying a bed.

“It’s so much more than just a place to stay, it’s a second chance,” YWCA Executive Director, Ashley Boyd said, “and that’s why Over the Edge is so important, it’s a visual thing, people can see people conquering their fears and connect it back to homelessness.”

The YWCA is 90 percent locally funded, meaning most of the money that keeps the doors open and services available, is all possible because of the people and organizations in the Minot area.

You can still donate to any one person’s Over the Edge campaign or to the YWCA in general.

The Over the Edge event will begin at 8 am Saturday.

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