Downtown Bismarck is known for colorful events and friendly community,
but people might not be aware of the downtown’s gory past.

Every fall, local history buff Stacy Sturm has taken those brave few on Haunted History Tours. On these guided walk-thrus you can learn some of the dark details about Downtown Bismarck’s past.

One fact that many might not know is that Broadway was once known as Murderers Gulch and 4th street was called Bloody 4th

“Fourth Street would run red with blood from all the knife fights, gunfights, fistfights, all sorts of activities they had the night before. So that’s why it’s affectionately known as Bloody 4th and Murderers Gulch if you check the North Dakota State Historical Society,” said Stacy Sturm/Haunted History Tour Guide.

If you’re ready to take on the Haunted History of Bismarck, tours are every Friday and Saturday. You can learn more on URL Radio’s Facebook page.