Teachers, Parents Getting Ready For School

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Teachers are spending a lot of their so-called “days-off” getting ready for the new school year.

First-grade teacher Missy Turcotte at Apple Creek School says she’s been able to make many of her bulletin boards at home, but for the last couple of weeks has been bringing them to life in the classroom.

“I’m a Pinterest nut,” Turcotte says. “I am always out there looking for something new, something better, something new to try, just getting away from the same old thing. I found if you make learning fun students are more apt to do it.”

Mrs. Turcotte thinks she has 3 or 4 full days left of work in the classroom.

And of course, parents have some prep-work of their own to do before classes start.

Amanda Fuller teaches kindergarten at Apple Creek. She recommends preparing your child for the school year.

Talk about the fun they’ve had this summer, but also the changes that are coming.

She also says that now is a great time to do some reading with your kids —the more reading the better.

She also talked about school supplies. Do you need to buy everything on the list?

“You’re encouraged to bring everything, but you don’t have to buy everything,” Fuller says. “You can take and re-use your backpack, scissors, pencil boxes. Anything that is able to be re-used by-all-means re-use them. Also if your kid wants brand new stuff, bring your used stuff to the school. Teachers always have a use for it. Just so the other kids have extras. Or, kids might not be able to afford things so we’re able to use those.”

The first day of school at Apple Creek is August 21st.

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