After breaking multiple school records last season the Williston Boys and Girls track and field teams hope to make this year one for the record books.

Finishing seventh in last season’s state meet, Williston’s Track and Field team is hungry for more, while still in search of their first ever team state title.

The recent success of the Coyote runners, throwers and jumpers has caught the attention of more athletes wanting to get in on the action.

“I think that since we have won in the past, not only in track but cross country to that people are seeing that and they’re wanting to join and they’re wanting to do well too as a sport and it’s great, I love how how it’s going and there’s new people and knew energy,” said Senior Kaitlyn Barbarick.

Leading the charge for the Coyote’s is Ethan Moe who is competing for his third consecutive 800 meter championship.

He says he feels the pressure to finish his senior campaign on a high note but remains confident in his training.

“Yeah I’m definitely feeling pressure but I just have to go into this having fun and believing that I can win and trusting the process and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be then,” added Moe.

Beyond this senior’s story comes a group of athletes that crave the atmosphere of the State meet in Bismarck.

And with the unceasing support of their fans, the coyotes feel they could use that energy to turn this year into something special.

“Whenever we have a meet here the stands are filled and you go to state and every team, every parent, and everyone’s coming to watch and I’ve never seen that before. It’s like the most live event maybe since like wrestling or something that’s probably closer but it’s the most people I’ve ever seen at just a track meet. I didn’t know people came to watch people run and jump,” said Senior Jayden Williams.

“Our goal is to just keep improving week in and week out, hopefully we get outside here soon, hopefully the weather changes and just try and make some noise at the state meet,” stated Head Coach Chase Gregory.

With the boys and girls cross country teams both coming off of their first place finish at state , they expect their distance runners to be strong this spring.