Turtle Mountain courthouse addition almost complete


Contractors are putting on the finishing touches at the Turtle Mountain Courthouse.

The courthouse built 30 years ago is getting a new addition, and some say it’s well overdue.

“One of the issues we had with the courthouse is we didn’t have a major facility. We have different branches in different locations.” says Chairman Jamie Azure

Spread out all over the reservation, the prosecutor’s office, probation officer, and public defenders will now all be under the same roof.

Jackie Brien says,”They need paperwork, they need files. Right now they’re running across town. This way they can run across the hall and get what they need as they need it.

Chairman Azure says not only is this good for workers in the courthouse, but also the residents.

“It saves money. It saves time. It saves people a lot of headaches trying to run around. It’s a start.” he adds.

He also says in the future they plan to have a tribal complex to house all departments.

There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday.

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