WEB EXTRA: An interview with the new Riverboat Captain


Despite the wind, it was still a great day to be out on the river.
We talked to the new captain of the Lewis and Clark Riverboat today to find out how the cruise has been so far.

Captain Dave Kendrick says it’s been nice, but the water levels have been low. He’s run into a few sandbars but has been able to navigate his way out with the help of a Navionics program on board.

It takes a lot of responsibility to be captain on a boat. And he said even though he’s only been in North Dakota a week, he really likes it here.

“Last place I thought I’d ever be running a boat but I’m really enjoying it. It’s beautiful country. People have been super friendly and very helpful,” said David Kendrick/Captain of the Riverboat.

There are plenty of opportunities to get on board one of their theme cruises…The captain told us there will be a dockside bar popping up next week.

To find out more about the Lewis and Clark Riverboat cruises check out their Facebook page here.

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